About the Crusade to Reconnect Men with their POWER

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Working out in this Gym has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for my fitness. Really love the positive vibes and friendly atmosphere.
Albert Garrett
I am a man. I know what it’s like to be a man. I will be the most fulfilled in the work I do because I’m learning from other men, what it’s like to be a man. It’s the most powerful mastermind I could create because we all have the commonality of being a man, wanting to be a better man, evolving on the journey of life.
I’ll be sharing my journey of what I’m doing to master the man within me so they will be able to model and share what they are doing. Most powerful mirrors to evolve.
Take your addiction and obsession with playing video games and turn that energy into fuel to pursue your wildest dreams, level the F up and win the game of life.
I want the men I coach/work with/support to be the best version of themselves they can be, be great role models in their community, be great husbands for their wives, be great fathers for their children. I want them to be LIT UP by their life, what they are creating, what they are building. I want them to feel empowered to achieve whatever they set their mind to. I want them to feel like they aren’t alone. I want them to be productive members of society who are always growing themselves and setting the example for people around them. I want them to fuel the sense of brotherhood that we are creating in “our” community, feel like they matter in the community. Being of service – Work and careers that make a positive difference in humanity.
Create structures of support to stay in the highest vibration and doing the best things – For example, facebook group to feel a part of a community, Coaching 1-on-1 to clear trauma’s and limiting beliefs. Brainstorm ideas on how they can get involved in their community and be of service. Help them create ideal versions of themselves in all aspects of life so they know clearly (and can then build a path to GET THERE) what kind of man they want to become. Bring in other experts on these topics to educate them to succeed and invite them to go deeper into the value/transformation with the experts. Create accountability groups/structures so they don’t fall off the productivity/good decision streak for as long (example instead of bad habits for 2 weeks, it’s only 2 days). Create brotherhood hangouts/community zoom calls where we can feel a sense of connection to other people who are like us. 
Confident, Bold, Intelligent, Attractive, abundant, connected spiritually, loving, generous, of service, like a good human, excited about life.
Activities and challenges that get them outside of their comfort zone – A culture of celebration when they do the right thing to reinforce good habits
Affirmations and mindset work to love the person they see in the mirror
Weekly money dates/rituals to grow their abundance
Spiritual practices and habits that get them connected with their source/higher power
Practice giving and being of service on a consistent basis
Routine check-ins on how they are being or not being the “man of their dreams”
Study other people who are excited about life and living their purpose
They are feeling alone, they are using coping mechanisms and addictions like drugs, porn, gambling, wasting time, watching tv, criticizing and judging others (because that makes them feel good – surface level).
They struggle with waking up feeling connected to their purpose. They aren’t doing work that fulfills their soul. They are in surface level relationships. They are complacent and comfortable with life. They are looking for answers, connection and brotherhood and not finding it. Drowning in too much information, stimulation, social media, etc.
Not confident in trusting themselves or sharing their voice/opinion.
Eating unhealthy and not present, not getting into nature, not connected to their feelings and emotions. Numbing. 
FB Group, accountability coaching & partners, workshops that help them with the core issues they are struggling with (purpose and direction)
Relationships/Life evaluations to help them get clear on where they are meeting their standards and where they are falling below it
Stimulation/Technology/Information detox – 7/14/21 challenge to stop doing something that isn’t good for them
Support with diet and healthier food options to make better choices
Group nature outings in Las Vegas/ Bringing technology to share the experience
Be a great leader, husband, father, brother, man of God, pioneer for humanity’s mindset & evolution. An inspiration of what’s possible when we focus our intention and energy into something that matters for us. I want to be an example that they can build whatever life they choose if they work for it. 
Invite them to step up into bigger projects, get involved in the community, go into the community myself and document/video what I do.